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Registration Information :

 Classes and workshops are kept small ( maximum of 8) to  allow participants as much one-on-one time with the instructor as possible and to work at a comfortable pace. Classes fill quickly and registration is confirmed by your course deposit.

I offer  classes ( days ,evenings and some weekends).  However, my schedule changes regularly, so please email or call to confirm a course. Weekly classes  are  8 weeks in length and include most materials. I also offer one and two-day workshops. See the "Course" tab for details. Contact me by  phone or email to register.  A  class deposit (50% of course fees)  is required in order to hold your spot in the class. Cancellations with less than 10 days notice will incur a 25% non-refundable penalty to pay for  course materials.

If you contact me by email and do not receive a reply within 48 hours, perhaps a technological or server problem may  have prevented me from receiving your information. It has happened in the past, unfortunately -  so please try again or follow-up with a phone call
Penny:         Email -      IslandGirlArtStudio@shaw.ca  / Phone: ( 250) 327-2533


One make-up class is available at the end of each session if  the class has been cancelled due to bad weather/dangerous road conditions , a power outage or if the instructor has had to reschedule a regular class. 
Students are welcome to repeat  ONE  of their classes ONLY if they have missed it due to illness and must  attended  another regularly scheduled class to do this. For example, if you attend a class on a week day morning, you may have to do your ONE missed class( make-up class) in an evening class and vice versa.

What is offered at Island Girl Art Studio:

* Weekly classes ( see details under the Courses Tab)

* Private Instruction ( $ 50/hr)

* Portfolio Consultations ( $ 75 / hr)

* Private Paint Night Parties  - Please book with 10 days notice to allow for materials and availability. PAINT NIGHT PARTIES:  Participants must sign a waiver if consuming alcohol and have one designated driver available. Choose from acrylics, water color or mixed media Paint Night Projects. Call for details and fees.

* One Day and Two Day  Art  Workshops ( Weekends)

* Art Retreats ( various locations in BC and in Italy)

Cathy's water color    

  Weekly Class Schedule:  * Starting September 5, 201

Acrylic Painter's Circle:     -      Tuesdays Noon - 2:00 pm

Intermediate to Advanced

 " Flamenco" - Acrylic  by Penny Maday Ciochetti

Students explore the world of acrylics and mediums and work in whatever subject matter inspires or challenges them. The instructor helps through collaboration, demonstration and instruction, consultation and with technical advice. We explore painting from the level of experience that each student is at and discuss where they want to go and how they might get there. Everyone works in their own way and at their own pace.  Fundamentals , development , exploration and skill development is our focus; as well as finding your own artistic voice/style. All styles and subject matter  are welcome in this group, from realism to abstraction and everything in between.  Basic or Beginners level acrylic painting experience is helpful. A variety of materials are provided.Canvases larger than 16 X 20 '' must be provided by the student. 8 weeks/ $ 240

                                              Donna's Floral/Abstract

Acrylics For The Beginner  -        Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:30 pm


Yup, we all gotta start somewhere and this is the place!  Let's learn together, have some fun, make mistakes, get creative and  oh yeah,  get messy too! I'll guide you along a certain path during the first project and you'll get comfortable with the paint and gather ideas,experience, confidence and some inspiration along the way  as well as plan for the next project ( s) . Some of these first paintings are really  quite spectacular, but, hey - no pressure!  No experience required, just a desire to learn. All materials are provided. 8 weeks/ $ 240

                                                   Botticelli's Girl

Acrylics  For The Experienced Painter - Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:30 pm

This class is for painters with some experience ( past or present) with acrylic painting.
This is a combination of open studio time and instruction. Because every student is working from a different or varied level of experience, and perhaps style or subject matter - each student  requires different levels of instruction. Consultation, guidance, instruction, inspiration, techniques/technical advice, demos, and some independent learning all take place in the studio environment. Some materials provided - such as mediums, gels, silver/gold leaf, specialized paints, crackle, molding paste, inks, papers, and whatever else we may be inspired by that week! 8 weeks / $240

Kate's water color portrait of her daughter

Water Color -   Thursdays 11:00 - 2:00 pm

Intermediate to Advanced

This class has grown in leaps and bounds. Once wobbly wee beginners, these are painters who now bravely splash and dash their way through the wild and wonderful world of water colors. From traditional  techniques in transparent water color to the modern, new brave and bold approach which also incorporates  certain elements of mixed media (  How about some silver leaf on that water color moon? !)... yeah, we're pretty much game for anything! Paint  in any style , subject or size! Instruction, consultation, project planning, guidance and technical expertise/advice provided as well as demos and most materials. We've got it goin on! Students are welcome to bring their lunch for this  extra-length class and time. 8 weeks / $300

Water Color    -     Friday 6:30 - 8:30 pm

All Levels - Beginner to Experienced

Come learn or explore the world of water color  and all of  the materials, techniques and varied approaches to this medium. Start where you are - with little or lots of experience and paint among with a group of like-minded people in a studio environment. We like to explore, exchange ideas and inspire each other along the way. Consultation, instruction , inspiration and demos,  along with all your materials! 8 weeks / $200

                                                        Sketching the water

Drawing For Complete Beginners  - Saturdays  1:00 - 3:00 pm

( Even if you can't draw stick men, it's ok! )

This is an amazing class that takes you on a journey from where you are now  drawing ability-wise and into the great beyond of  truly"seeing" and drawing in just 8 weeks.
Someone famous once said that ' All of Art is simply a way of Seeing" , so true and my hero Leonardo da Vinci believed " Everything is connected" - of course he was right. I mean, come on , he was Italian!
 But  to the untrained eye, most of us spend our days  just "looking" at things and not  really seeing.
 I will teach you ( kicking and screaming maybe), but you will begin to truly 'see" the way that my buddy Leonardo talks about. In Italian we say ' va bene' -  which means "it's OK" ! So you can relax, it's all good. And when you start to 'see' like an artist - oh glorious day ...the magic happens too and you start to develop the ability to draw !
We focus on professional drawing materials, the use and importance of values , composition, rendering three dimensional form, shading, light, drawing what we see and what we imagine or hope to create and have others 'see'. Wohoo, fancy shmancy.
But please note,  this class is a commitment I make to having each student show dramatic results - but YOU must make the commitment to do the homework projects provided in between class each week, otherwise, the BIG expanse of curriculum, techniques and materials covered in 8 weeks will be lost on you! Reading , thinking about and talking about flying an airplane and actually flying one are two different things.....the same is true for drawing, so DO THE HOMEWORK!
Alright, now hold up your right hand and repeat after me, " Scouts honor, I will do my home work  every week". OK, that wasn't so hard, now was it?  Geeze, you'd think I was your Mother!
Jut show up, try, try, try, don't miss a class or a project and  you will see amazing advancement in your work and abilities - really! It's Vancouver Island, and we're both going to have to row that boat, ya get me? ! LOL
Drawing kit and a sketch book are provided. Puns, jokes, antidotes, sarcasm, my corny sense of humor and life stories are free. But no whining about homework is allowed. :)) 8 weeks/ $ 200

Image result for cartoon bomb exploding

KABOOM : Artist Mentoring Program  

Have you been drawing or painting for a while or have you just returned to it after a very LOOOONG time of not doing your art work?  Are you feeling in the need  of some guidance, feedback, support , suggestions, technical advice or critiques of your work  and how to forge ahead or problem-solve but not really in need of a  traditional "class" or workshop? This format might be just what the doctor ordered?!! KABOOM is an informal time in the studio when artists meet with me to discuss their work in a positive, constructive, inspiring setting and we also support other members of the group. DO you need help to finish a drawing or painting? Do you need someone to critique your work or provide technical information? Do you need inspiration ? Would you like help  to assist you in developing your talent and  become a better artist? Do you want to develop your own style or approach , but have no idea how or where to start? Give the KABOOM Artist Mentoring Program a try and watch your creative endeavors explode! ....just like that " Kaboom!" Wait, maybe it should be called 'rocket fuel'?!! Well, let's see what fuel you need for your rocket anyway..... LOL

 We meet twice per month, you bring your work and all your questions ( or  muffled cries for help)!
I'll hold your hand and provide the coffee , tea and everything else - it's gonna be Ok.
Sundays from Noon - 2:00 pm. Fee is $ 80 a month.


Florence Through An Artist's Eyes

Art Tour With Penny Maday Ciochetti

FALL  2018 -  Dates to Be Announced

 Island Girl Art Studio's Art, Culture and Culinary Tours on Face Book 

Discover Tuscany in the Fall, away from the screaming crowds of summer, no line-ups at museums, galleries, restaurants, shops or crowded streets! Catch the magic of  Florence in the Fall and  the rich history and immeasurable beauty of this magical place.
 Come explore the artistic, cultural, scientific and literary contributions of Leonardo da Vinci,  Michelangelo, Dante, Botticelli, Giotto and Galileo as we visit Florence - the heart of  the Italian Renaissance. Art, architecture, historic sites and museums are around every corner. 
Lets visit  Market Centrale and gather  gourmet ingredients and take an Italian cooking class with a chef,  spend time  drawing or painting with Penny Maday Ciochetti -  an artist and teacher with over 30 years experience, who's ancestors come from Italy. While  we're out and about we`ll take photos of all that inspires us ! We'll take an Italian fresco class and learn the methods used in the Renaissance by all the great masters - and you'll get to take yours home!
In between group adventures, you'll have time to shop, relax and live Italian style - La Dolce Vita!
 Come learn the story of the Renaissance and  these great men and women who time did not forget and who's contributions, passions and achievement still reverberate  their magic today!
Discover Florence and fall in love! 
Your Tour Includes:
 Art instruction in Drawing, photography or water color, an Italian cooking class, Guided site seeing and entrance fees to  museums, galleries and historic sites. Air fare  is the traveler's responsibility and accommodations can be arranged or recommended a the Info Sessions prior to the Tour.
All registrants MUST provide proof of  Travel Insurance.
 Call or email Penny for more information or to reserve your spot. 
A Daily itinerary and pricing is available !

** Bookings may vary according to your options/customized choices.

Below are some photos of art work and students in various classes.

Alex - Acrylic painting   

Rene's water color ( Floral)

Cathy's Water color ( Starfish)

                                               Penny ( student) water color

                                                   Penny Maday Ciochetti - water color
Patty's water color
                                                      Penny Maday Ciochetti - water color


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