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Art Classes :

Tuesdays  -    1:00 - 3:30 pm :  Advanced Watercolor - Begins June 8 - FULL

If you have  been painting in watercolor for some time and are comfortable with the medium but want to learn about professional techniques, color theory, composition, understanding professional materials/supplies, and how to develop your own style as well as develop a weekly practice - this is the class for you. Students in this class should have their own palette and supplies but some are also available in the studio and some paper is provided for projects we do together in the class. Most of the students in this class started painting with me several years ago and have worked hard at becoming very good watercolor artists. A spot becomes available only very rarely, but you are welcome to inquire or put your name on a wait list.  ( 4 weeks / some supplies included $ 150 ) 

Wednesdays    1:00 - 3:30 pm :  Painting With Acrylics ( Start date to be Announced)

Have you always wanted to paint in Acrylics or do you have some experience but want to learn better techniques, color theory, composition, how to use a grid for enlargement, or to paint using a photo reference? Students are encouraged to develop their own style and to explore different styles and techniques and to paint what they love! Some materials are provided. ( 4 weeks/ $150) All levels welcome.

Wednesday Nights -   6:00 - 8:30 pm: Painting With Acrylics  - Begins June 9 /  FULL

Have you always wanted to paint in Acrylics or do you have some experience but want to learn better techniques, color theory, composition, how to use a grid for enlargement, or to paint using a photo reference? Students are encouraged to develop their own style and to explore different styles and techniques and to paint what they love! Some materials are provided. ( 4 weeks/ $150) All levels welcome.

Friday      3:30 - 5:30 pm      Fine Arts Masters For Teens ( age 14 and up) ( Start Date To Be Announced)

This class is a little different because it is  run exactly like a professional artist's studio ( because it is). Youth can choose between drawing, watercolors, acrylics, or mixed media. Each week  students can  experiment with a different medium, or they can spend their time working on developing skill or mastery in a specific area - for example, Drawing for their entire  4 weeks int he studio/class. Some students may try something different each week, so things are always changing and  developing. Each student is provided with one on one instruction with the instructor/artist, but are expected to work independently on their art, we are also inspired by watching what other students are doing and learning. This is a highly creative environment where learning , expression, mastery and an exchange of ideas are the focus. Great art often comes from this as students acquire confidence to take risks and try new things but an end product is not our primary concern. Students are immersed in the environment of a real art studio where mistakes and ideas are welcome guests. ( Maximum 4 students ages 14 and up) 4 weeks/ all supplies are provided $ 185

Florence in the Rain/ Piazza della Repubblica - by Penny Maday Ciochetti

One Day Art Workshop: Painting In Acrylics

Saturday, ( Date to Be Announced) from 1:00 - 3:30 pm.

Come learn everything you ever wanted to know about acrylics but were afraid to ask !!
Maybe you have dabbled in the medium but just haven't got the hang of it, or have been away from it for awhile and want to get started again?
If any of this is true for you, this is the workshop for you!
We will work on two small paintings ( students can choose the project from a selection provided by the instructor) and learn about the medium - all materials provided.

Maximum 4 students. All materials included. Fee: $ 150
Email Penny to register at

One Day Art Workshop:

Watercolor Florals  : Lavender, Poppies, Butterflies and Bees

Saturday, ( Date to Be Announced) 1:00 - 3:30 pm.

Come and play with watercolors and be inspired by the summer garden to paint loose flora and fauna - lavender, poppies, butterflies and bees.
Email Penny to register at

One Day Art Workshop: Painting Boats in Watercolor

Saturday, ( Dates To Be Announced) from 1:00 - 3:30 pm.

Come and paint some lovely west coast -inspired boats in watercolor. No drawing experience necessary. All materials provided.
All materials included. Fee: $ 150
Email Penny to register at

Spots fill quickly due to small class sizes and one on one instruction with the instructor. Call Penny at (250) 327-2533 to register in the course of your choice. 

Island Girl Art Studio :

My name is Penny Maday Ciochetti and I am  an Award wining, International artist and instructor and the operator of Island Girl Art Studio on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.
The studio opened it's doors in 2009 . 
I  travel and exhibit my Art work in Europe and Canada.     

After 37 years of teaching in the Arts, I took a "sabbatical" and from 2018 to 2019 when  I lived and studied in Florence , Italy and completed my Graduate work  (Post Baccalaureate) in Studio Arts from  the prestigious  Art School - SACI ( Studio Arts College International.)
 In between classes and studio time, I also taught  English through the Arts to a grade 4 class each week at Torrigiani Elementary School in Florence with cooperating teacher, Monica Pani. In April  2019 my work was in shows in Florence and  Berlin.
Work from my "Love Letters To Leonardo Series" appearedin the Federation of Canadian Artist's International show - Painting On The Edge 2019 in Vancouver.
In August 2019 I returned to Italy to attend an intensive two week Mixed Media Art workshop with Rosenclaire in Poppiano in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. I produced over 82 works  of art  in this 2 week period.  Long, full days in the studio tucked away in the Tuscan countryside just outside Florence provided an opportunity to meet , live and work with other artists from around the world. 

 2019:   "In Contatto/In Kontakt " Show in Berlin which later traveled to  Florence  for the second half of this exhibition. 
2019 :  A piece from my "Love Letters to Leonardo" won First Place in the  Nanaimo Federation of Canadian Artist's Annual show 

For my entire career, I have been creating Arts Curriculum  for schools, public organizations, community agencies, corporate and private clients with participants of all ages - children, youth , adults and seniors. I have extensive experience teaching and coordinating programs for children with  developmental and/or learning challenges , in Excellence Programs and in language learning through the Arts with  school boards across western Canada, in First Nation Communities and in Italy.

My area of expertise is related to  fostering 'creativity'  and a sense of wonder through the creative process. I love  helping the 'Beginners ' gain experience and encouraging adults to be open, brave and expressive while developing their mastery , style, confidence, technique and expression .
 For children and youth, my goal is to help them gain skills or a wide range of experience while  retaining their open  expression; which is often lost as they grow older and worry about "conforming" or performing to an idealized standard, rather than being  uniquely themselves. I have worked with thousands of students throughout my 39 year teaching career - from Kindergarten to University and Seniors.
Island Girl Art Studio is a professional artist's work space  which contains a teaching space within it. Students learn and create their art in an authentic studio environment and have exposure to a professional  artist's studio practice, knowledge, instruction ,experience and education as well as the creative encouragement and support of the other students/participants.

Penny Maday Ciochetti's work can be seen on her website: and has been in shows/galleries in  Italy, Germany  and numerous Canadian locations.

What is offered at Island Girl Art Studio:

* Weekly classes 

( see Course details and Registration Procedures  under the Courses Tab)

* Private Instruction  ( $ 50/hr)

* Portfolio  Reviews / Consultations ( $ 75 / hr)

* Private Paint Night Parties  -

 Please book your event with 7 to 10 days notice to allow for materials and  studio availability. Each Paint Night Party is 2 Hours and is  $ 40 per person, materials included.  Choose from Watercolor, acrylics or a Mixed Media Paint Night ! 

If the group is bringing and/or consuming alcohol, a designated driver identified and participants sign a waiver.

* One Day and Two Day  Art  Workshops 

Art Retreats : Locations on Vancouver Island and in Tuscany

Florence Through An Artist's Eyes

Art Tours With Penny Maday Ciochetti

 Island Girl Art Studio's Art, Culture and Culinary Tours on Face Book 

Discover Tuscany in the Fall, away from the screaming crowds of summer, no line-ups at museums, galleries, restaurants, shops or crowded streets! Catch the magic of  Florence in the Fall and  the rich history and immeasurable beauty of this magical place. Come explore the artistic, cultural, scientific and literary contributions of Leonardo da Vinci,  Michelangelo, Dante, Botticelli, Giotto and Galileo as we visit Florence - the heart of  the Italian Renaissance. Art, architecture, historic sites and museums are around every corner.  Lets visit  Market Centrale and gather  gourmet ingredients and take an Italian cooking class with a chef,  spend time  drawing or painting. While  we're out and about we`ll take photos of all that inspires us ! We'll take an Italian fresco class and learn the methods used in the Renaissance by all the great masters - and you'll get to take yours home! In between group adventures, you'll have time to shop, relax and live Italian style - La Dolce Vita!
 Come learn the story of the Renaissance and  these great men and women who time did not forget and who's contributions, passions and achievement still reverberate  their magic today!
Discover Florence and fall in love! 

Your Tour Includes:
 Art instruction in Drawing, photography or water color, an Italian cooking class, Guided site seeing and entrance fees to  museums, galleries and historic sites. Air fare  is the traveler's responsibility and accommodations can be arranged or recommended a the Info Sessions prior to the Tour.
All registrants MUST provide proof of  Travel Insurance.
 Call or email Penny for more information or to reserve your spot. 
A Daily itinerary and pricing is available !
** Bookings may vary according to your options/customized choices.





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