Check out these Fantastic Art videos on You Tube for the Beginner to the Advanced Artist:

1. How to Paint a Blue Sky & Clouds by Patrick Ley-Greaves ( water color)
    ( notice how he uses and holds his brush and how he mixes his colors right on the paper)

2. Helen's Eucalyptus Leaf ( #7)
   ( She uses the wet-on-wet water color technique as well as some dry brush)

3. A Closer Look At Water Color Painting Techniques by Elizabeth Tyler
 ( Oh, how I love her purple cabbages! Many techniques and approaches - old and  new used here - notice how she scrubs and scrapes the paper to get different effects, pours paint, uses both fluid masking and plastic to protect areas,and then adds water color pencils at the end for exquisite details!)

4. Water Color Realism - A Different Approach by Elizabeth Tyler

5. Realistic Painting: Stones  by Elizabeth Tyler ( Acrylics)
   ( Simply amazing!)
6. Water Color Painting - A Different Approach by Elizabeth Tyler

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