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Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly - until you learn to do it well." -  Steve Brown

SUMMER  Classes starting in August 2021:

Classes are offered in an outdoor space (weather permitting) in front of the studio  at this time. Masks are optional  - if -  you have been vaccinated and can provide proof of vaccination and social distancing is encouraged even in this outdoor setting. Please remember that everyone has a different comfort level and is adjusting to the "new normal". As the regulations continue to change and/or are updated and when 75% of the BC population has been vaccinated, the studio will resume it's regular course offerings inside the studio - hopefully  for September. NEW Classes starting in August - see Courses Tab.

Course Registration and Fees :

Please call ( 250) 327-2533 or  email Penny at to register or if you want to be put on a class waitlist. 

Payment Options: Personal cheque, cash, e-transfer, Visa or Mastercard.
Please Note : class sizes, parking and course availability are limited.

Studio Location:  3019 Hammond Bay Road , Nanaimo, BC
 Phone: (250) 327 - 2533
 Artist Website:


Studio Policy:

In order to register for a class  students are required to provide a  course deposit (50%of their course fees). If you cancel your registration 10 days or less  before the start date of the course or  do not attend the first class, you will  forfeit your deposit . Students who do not attend the first class may lose their spot in the class  if there is a wait list. Space is limited and registrations are taken on a "first come, first-served basis", so you may be put on a wait-list for the next round of  classes if they are currently full. There are no refunds/cancellations or make-up classes for students who have  missed classes.

No cash is kept on the premises, so please notify us if you are paying with cash or bring the exact amount for your fees/course.


Children/youth attending the Fine Arts Masters class are expected to attend for 8 consecutive weeks and cannot repeat classes missed due to PD Days, holidays, family events/celebrations, social activities, forgotten/ missed classes, sports events/activities, family holidays, summer vacation or illness. NO REFUNDS are given. As this class is frequently full ,other students are turned away when the class is full - so IF your child misses a class for any reason, this will still count as apart of their current registration period and will NOT be repeated or made-up. In simple terms, 8 weeks is 8  consecutive weeks - not stretched out to 10 weeks due to an illness or PD day. These are the same policies as Nanaimo Parks and Rec, for example.

Gift Certificates may be used for weekly classes or any Weekend Workshops taught by Penny Maday Ciochetti. They may not be applied to courses or events with special Guest Artists at the studio. The studio course schedule changes all the time, so it's recommended that you register for a course you are interested when you see it offered as it may not be a course that runs frequently ( depending on demand & availability).

Courses :

Painting with Acrylics:  ( Beginner to Advanced)

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, join a class that will explore the technical, material, and creative process of painting with acrylics. Learn how to begin and finish a painting and all the steps and creative choices along the way as well as about materials, composition, color, mixed media, problem-solving, using a grid to enlarge an image and so much more ! Each student is taught at their own level and individual instruction is provided in the class so that 'Beginners" don't feel frantic or lost but supported and more experienced painters are challenged to expand beyond what they currently know or do and are expand their current practice. We learn and encourage each other in the studio environment.

    Day class : Wednesdays 1:00 - 3:30 pm  ( Begins August 4, 2021)
    Evening Class:   Wednesdays 6:00 - 8:30 pm  
    ( 8 weeks / $ 300)

                                       All supplies are provided except small to medium canvases. Details are discussed at the first class.

Wild and Wonderful Water Color :

Funny how a little  puddle of paint and water can cause such terror !... So many people tell me water color  is  hard or that it intimidates them, but there's no need to be afraid! Its just water, paint and a piece of paper - honest!   I teach traditional transparent water color and show you how to correct your mistakes or  turn those whoopsie-daisies into original art  so you can relax and enjoy the ride. I  just adore watercolor and I know you will as well. Beginner and experienced painters  are welcome in this class. 
By the way, almost all of my regular watercolor participants started out as complete beginners and are now very accomplished painters who produce rather exceptional work and you can too!
 Learn from someone who loves the medium, has made lots of mistakes and wants the class to be informative and  fun! We do lots of experimenting but also learn how to create finished paintings.
  I am happy to say that I have studied with some of the very best watercolor artists/instructors from Canada, the US and Italy  - Harold Allanson, Stephen Quiller, John Salminen,  Carla O'Connor, Leslie Redhead and Marco Klee Fallani -  and they  don't get better than this, in my opinion! I'm so  grateful for everything I have learned from them and can also share with you.

Daytime class: ( All Levels)  Tuesdays 1:00 - 3:30 pm 
Evening class: ( Beginners) Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:30 pmBegins August 3, 201)
( 8 weeks / $ 300) 

All supplies are provided, but students are  also shown what supplies to buy and how to set up their own watercolor palette for painting at home.

 Art work/ Image : "Laundry Day in Roma " - Water Color by Penny Maday Ciochetti

Drawing For Complete Beginners

Have you always wanted to learn how to draw? Do you want to learn the difference between sketching and Drawing?  We will learn how to create finished drawings as well as how to work in rough sketches . Maybe you want a way to relax or learn a new hobby? Perhaps you create in another field and would benefit  by learning how to draw, either way, you'll learn EVERYTHING - ( yes, I do mean everything) you ever wanted to know and more! 

This 8 week class is taught at a very advanced level because students are given notes to take home and read, as well as weekly exercises -  but, provided you do the weekly  sketchbook work.....
  (Is that HOMEWORK?!!! ...yes, but it's fun !) and complete it between classes - you will go from  drawing stick men to wonderful  three dimensional drawings.  Scouts honor!
 We explore dry and wet drawing media ( artist pencil, charcoal, conte, and ink) composition, using a grid to enlarge, rending  3 dimensional form, value and light. You will be surprised at the results in such a short time! Age 16 and Up. Students are provided with a basic Drawing kit.

Thursdays 6:30 - 8:30 pm. ( August 5, 2021

This class will be Mixed Levels ( From Complete Beginners to those with some Drawing experience)

 8 weeks   $ 300  


Image /Figure Study/ Charcoal and conte :  Penny Maday Ciochetti

Fine Arts Masters For Teens

( All experience levels, age 14 and up)  TBA

We meet in the studio and explore drawing, painting with acrylics, water color, and more. Each students chooses where they want to start, although I have hundreds of projects and plans to help you if you have no idea where or what that is! A student might try something different each week or develop a love of one particular medium and stay focused on that - it's all ok. In Italian, we say ' Va bene"! ( it's alright). Students work together and learn from each other as well as the instructor in the class but are provided with one on one instruction from the instructor.

ONE DAY  WEEKEND Art Workshops

Georgia O'Keeffe and Large Scale Flowers :

Saturday ( Date to be Announced)

 11:00 am to 3:30 pm. Course fee: $ 250

Using acrylics, we are inspired by O'Keeffe's color use and grande scale and produce our own 
24 X 30 '' paintings in One day! Students bring their own canvas and a bag lunch - all other materials and a choice of images to use as a starting point is provided. No experience necessary - just your Creative enthusiasm! 


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