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In order to register for a class at Island Girl Art Studio  participants are required to provide confirmation of their vaccination for COVID-19 as part of the registration policy.

Please remember that everyone has a different comfort level and may be immune-compromised or live with someone who is or may have an existing health condition.

 We are all adjusting to the realities , concerns and safety measures related to the world wide pandemic and therefore, while masks are not  currently mandated  as of March 12/22 in the province of BC- students can choose to wear masks or not while attending classes based on their comfort level.

In order to make this  choice possible in the small work space environment  of the studio and to ensure the operation of  Island Girl Art Studio - it is necessary that all participants have shown proof of vaccination .

The owner/operator  and main instructor - Penny Maday Ciochetti is fully vaccinated

(Both shots + booster).

PLEASE DO NOT attend class if you are unwell. We thank you for considering the health of others. Also, please advise us if you have been required to self-isolate or have come into contact with someone who has, or if you have recently returned from foreign travel or someone in your household has.

Thank you for your cooperation and concern for the health of everyone in our community.


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