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Once In A Very Blue Moon

I've been in isolation for a very long time now and only able to travel locally, even that seems impossible now as we are under a state of Emergency in the Province of BC.

Recently, I started what you might call - Covid-19 Art, although I have been continuously working all through the pandemic on several bodies of work.

In the summer months I worked outdoors in my garden out in the sun on large scale paintings and on the upper deck of my house which overlooks Departure Bay I was sketching and painting watercolors of that view. Somehow, seeing the world around me, even at a distance, helped me feel less alone.

This news series of small watercolors in the 'Once In a Very Blue Moon Series" is very personal work. These paintings are all in shades of blue, which is one of my favorite colors, and are all about the night sky ( the stars and the moon).

Although I frequently paint the night sky or the moon, now I've added the clouds, mist and fog that's so typical of where I live on Canada's wild west coast of Vancouver Island.

Some paintings have birds drifting through the clouds - they symbolise freedom and family. Small figures are also in some of the paintings and this has deep meaning , because those figures are always looking at the light, are embraced by it, or enter into it.

Light is a symbol of hope and faith, and we sure need that now, more than ever.

But I also named this series " once in a very blue moon" for obvious reasons and some not so obvious. For example, once in a very blue moon , we fall in love ... and love is at the center of everything that matters.

I hope this series of paintings captures the smallest bit of that magic.

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