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How Art helps you listen to your heart.

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

These are difficult times, that goes without saying. The entire planet has been thrown into a state of constant change, many of us have been isolated or away from our friends and family for a very long period of time, and we face daily challenges related to our financial, mental/emotional and physically wellness. Where I live, the province has been in a State of Emergency due to heavy rain/flooding and many communities have lost power, their homes/farms, and everything they own. WOW. I

t's almost two years of some of the toughest things so many of us have faced. How do you get through it? I mean 'you'...specifically. Are you able to stay tuned into what's still close to your heart? If that's your family and you are still able to be close to them, you are fortunate.

I wonder what happened to your dreams, goals and aspirations in the past 18 months?

I've been safe and have a roof over my head, so I feel very grateful. But all of my plans and goals disappeared into thin air ....So what happened? How have I coped?

First, my daily meditation practice became my strong hold, it helps me see and accept things as they are, and then getting in touch with my feelings, needs and dreams. It's a balance that's not so easy to maintain lately.

I also added a visual art journal to part of my day very recently.

This has been magical! This is a place I can stop my doing-mind and get in touch with my heart and quiet my mind .The Art meditation Journal isn't about producing a finished, salable piece of art, it's about a dedication to my heart. I never think about what I am going to do when I sit down in front of that art journal. I gather my materials ( a large watercolor art journal, but you could just use watercolor paper, a pencil, ruler, fine line marker, and some watercolors) . I light a candle, put on some relaxing music and just let it flow...this is a safe place where I am free to let the images, shapes, colors and words just flow from a place of surrender and allowing for things to just 'Be' . Each day when I show up to do this, grace always finds me and I remember exactly who I am at my centre, that I have so much to be grateful for, and as I breathe into the moment and look down at what I have created on the page - everything becomes crystal clear.This is how art helps me listen to my heart.

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